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The Discerner Summer Soiree 2018

Summer Soiree 2018

The Summer Soiree 2018 was held at The Discerner Residence in Mayfair and the evening was a wonderful experience of discovering stunning art works by master artist Michelle Hold. Everyone also enjoyed the exquisite piano recitals. It was a big success and everyone had an amazing time!
The Discerner Autumn Soiree 2017

Autumn Soiree 2017

The Autumn Soiree 2017 was held at Stefano Ricci’s flagship in Mount Street and it was simply extraordinary. We have had the immense privilege to present various wonderful artworks by John Lendis, Victoria Kiff, Melanie Wright, Michelle Hold and other wonderful artists
The Discerner Summer Soiree 2017

Summer Soiree 2017

The Discerner Summer Soiree 2017 was held at the world renowned British gunmaker Purdey & Sons in South Audley Street, Mayfair. Wonderful works of art was on display from Melanie Wright, Dameon Priestly, Phil Davison, Meng Zhou, Michael Batey, Amelia Lancaster, Jessica Oliver, by Michael Kidd, Gayle Storey and other wonderful artists.
The Discerner Spring Soiree

Spring Soiree 2017

Held at The Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair, London on the 6th of April 2017, The Discerner Spring Soiree has been a wonderful art event. Attended by a large amount of art collectors, enthusiasts and the artists who featured in our March issue. Our guests had the rare privilege to listen to some beautiful classical piano performances whilst admiring the exceptional works of art!