Morning procession to the gallops by Melanie Wright


This oil painting on linen, painted on an intimate scale is inspired by countless mornings watching the horses from the Charlie Longsdon racing yard in Oxfordshire ride out for their morning exercise. One of my favourite subjects while working there as Artist Residence for two years. I would position myself with a good view and wait in anticipation for the apparition of the carefully timed strings (groups) of horses to appear as mere specks in the distance and proceed onto a sharper focus as they neared, from across the fields. Moving at a relaxed walking pace, they are approaching the all weather gallops where they turn to gallop back up the steep hill in groups, observed by the trainer. In this study, i have focused on the riders and horses and a rhythmic composition, painted with a limited colour palette of warm and cool tones , without the distraction of a landscape background….so as to draw the viewers eye into the dynamic of the group. The leading horses are depicted with a higher level of detail, but as the group recedes, the painting and mark making becomes increasingly abstract in order to recreate and impression of movement and perspective. The painting is on a grained linen canvas, which adds a slightly broken texture to the brushmarks, giving the images with a freshly sketched appearance, though the composition is in fact carefully planned and arranged.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Oil on linen


19cm x 38cm

Ready to hang




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