Winter Morning Ride by Melanie Wright


This atmospheric oil painting captures perfectly  the scene of a group of horses being ridden out on a windy winters morning.  The whole composition vibrates with brisk energy and movement.  The broken brushstrokes and a  lively, layered  application of oil paint depict a small group of horses hacking  along a  leaf strewn edge of the field;  beside a wood,  with the wind rustling the  late autumn leaves and blowing through the trees. The clouds against  a smoky blue sky and the kickback of strewn leaves and soil in the horses wake accentuate the dynamic of the procession.  The lead horse, a striking grey,  is momentarily glancing away from the viewer  and into the woodland as he passes , highly alert , creating  a strong  contrast in tone and mood,  to the dark bays and warm chestnut horses that follow  behind.
‘I am always struck by the manner in which the weather affects horses behaviour and mood and their extreme sensitivity to different weather conditions. I also enjoy painting  a moving group such as this so as to describe them becoming as one with the landscape around them, especially here, when recreating the subtleties and quieter toned palette of this morning in winter’
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Additional information


Original art




Oil on linen


19cm x 39cm Framed size: 33.5cm x 54cm

Ready to hang




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