Passing the oleander by Lou Hamilton


On my annual creative pilgrimage to the South of France what catches my breath first is the intense blue of the sky and the hedges of pink oleander lining the roads. I cycle everywhere and the pink flowers blur as I pass. I don’t see the detail, instead I feel the essence in an abstracted way and that’s what I aimed to capture in this floaty painting. Working early in the morning with the doors flung open onto the terrace I painted from memory, painting in washes of inks and acrylics and building up the layers on muslin. In the full intensity of the day’s
heat I left it to dry and by the evening when I came home it was ready for me to sew my autobiographical character Brave New Girl on her journey as she passes the oleander; looping round the hedges to drink up the fragrance. I sign off by embroidering her at the end of her trail of footsteps. Hung slightly away from the wall so that it appears to float, the delicacy of the paint on muslin with the light behind it, takes on the quality of a watercolour painting, wafting gently in the breeze from the open window.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Ink & Acrylic on muslin with yarn stitching


71cm x 71cm

Ready to hang




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