Beauty by Rita Zimmerman


The story of “Beauty”

My husband was home from his regular jazz gig and said he’d found me a model, just like that. It’s the clubs new bartender and I needed to meet him as soon as I could.

Hey, its only ten, why not go now?

So I brought my catalogue from a Paris exhibit in case the bartender thought

I was a nut case and got in my car.

I took one look at him and that was it. Johnny Depp from Spain? It was almost our twenty-first wedding anniversary, what a nice gift from my husband. He knew I needed a model. Who needs jewelry? I showed the bartender my catalog and asked if he would model for me. Yes! OK, he is twenty-five and I don’t have to ask his mother. I painted him everyday for a year. A pile of mud, nothing was worthy so I threw them all away. Then “Beauty” emerged in cadmium orange.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Oil on linen


76cm x 86cm

Ready to hang




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