Focus by Lou Hamilton


In our busy lives we have to make the effort to stop and focus on what really matters.

Having this painting on your wall is a reminder in the day to pause, reflect and face what is important.

Sometimes that can be scary but with Brave New Girl; the character from Lou’s books and ever present in her paintings, you can find the courage to sit with your fears and transform them into a more positive force.

Lou works with layers of acrylics and then oils, often as in this piece in concentric circles.

They represent when a stone is thrown into water and causes a ripple effect. Afterwards, if you wait, the water becomes still.

Imagine your thoughts are those ripples & at the centre of the painting is a pool of still water where your mind is calm and focused.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Oil and acrylic


91cm x 91cm

Ready to hang




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