Fragile by Lou Hamilton


As well as her textile paintings, Lou continues to paint oil on canvas but explores a way of creating more sculptural pieces using other materials in these works, whether it be bits of plastic, cardboard, plaster or twine. Across her new triptych FRAGILE she draws a hesitant line showing human traces across the land. “Fragile” is a reference to the fragility of the earth on which we depend and yet we treat it so badly. Although oil on canvas has a certain solidity to it, Lou tries to create an ephemeral ghostly feel to this piece; a sense that what we take for granted could all too easily be taken from us. Using found cardboard with the plastic tape warning that the parcel is fragile, she makes a nod towards the fact that because we are using so much plastic we are making our planet more fragile.



Life is fragile as you journey through it but if you’re Brave New Girl you tackle the hurdles & keep going.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Oil, cardboard & Acrylic


51cm x 51cm each

Ready to hang




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