Gardening at Midnight by Barbara Krupp


Barbara Krupp is an avid gardener. In fact, she grew up on a small berry and vegetable farm. It was common to be up early in the morning picking strawberries and raspberries and then selling them on a little table out by the roadside. Those days are long gone and now and her gardening is only flowers. She has two gardens, one is Ohio near marshland and the other is in Florida, in the tropics. I think in this painting she has captured the feeling of both places. Sometimes it felt like midnight when she was picking. The birds were just starting to sing and the frogs were going to bed. So, smell the earth’s floor and feel the breeze.  This painting is an acrylic on gallery wrapped stretched canvas and is wired and ready to hang. Please enjoy!

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Acrylic painting on stretched canvas


76.2 cm x 101.6 cm x 3.81 cm

Ready to hang




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