Like a Rock by Michelle Hold


“The Warrior of Light sometimes behaves like a rock .“ Paolo Coelho

I love painting in the silence of my studio where I forget the world around me.

The stillness transports me into a different state where no time, no body exists.

It is like living in the painting , it enables me to travel deep inside myself, discovering my feelings and emotions and transferring them onto the canvas.

Colour is essential to convey my message.

Working textile design I have learned a lot from fashion designers and stylists about the importance of different color hues that create a certain mood in the collections.

I like my color combinations to be subtile, a reason why I mix my own colors with pigments.

Colour is light.

Colour is vibration and we are vibrational beings.

For any mood there is always a matching painting.

I want the viewer to fell well looking at my art, to look at beauty, to be recharged from a stressful life.

I like my abstracts to be mind openers, 3 dimensional escapes and places of wellbeing, harmony and contemplation.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Acrylics, pigments, gold, foil on canvas


120cm x 100cm

Ready to hang




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Depending upon your purchase, we are often able to negotiate the shipping to be included in the cost of the artwork.