Ozone by Lou Hamilton


This work is inspired by the report by scientists this year that for the first time, as a direct result of us reducing our use of CFC’s and therefore emitting chlorine into the atmosphere, they have recorded a 20% decrease in the size of the ozone hole.

When we first heard about the massive destruction in the ozone layer back in the 1980’s, we were all encouraged to stop using aerosol spray cans. It took a conscious effort at first not to buy them, but as people changed their habits, the manufacturers were also forced to stop using CFC’s in their products. And now, all these years later, from our direct action, we have actually made a difference.

The hole is shrinking. We need the ozone layer to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays, to help prevent skin cancer and cataracts, and to stop harmful damage on plant life. It protects us on a cellular level. We don’t often have good news about our impact on the environment so I wanted to celebrate the fact that we can, when we choose to, change our habits and reverse the damage we have caused.

This painting is a circle painted in dark indigo and blacks; the ozone around the Earth blocking out the harmful rays. It is, at the same time, a single cell deep in our body benefitting from the closing hole as our protective shield heals.

I want my work to reflect the world around us, and our interaction with it. We can feel helpless in the face of climate change and environmental damage but I want this painting to offer the hope that we can and do turn things around when we realize that we have made mistakes and set about making amends.

It is a shock to know that modern living has caused such terrible destruction in such a short space of time but the healing of the ozone layer is the signal that we can each choose to shift the way, and what, we consume, and then how we dispose of our excesses. Of course when you look at the painting this message isn’t banging you over the head. The beauty of abstract art is that it lets its ideas drift through you.

You can think more deeply about its meaning or you can enjoy the simple circle and the subtle colour changes at face value. The dark colours offer the mystery and magic of our planet but can also be appreciated just for their quiet solidity. You don’t need to think about the ozone hole or environmental damage or climate change, but the message is there should you choose to pick it up.

Fundamentally this piece is about hope and healing on a global and cellular level.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Oil, plaster, acrylic


50cm x 50cm

Ready to hang




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