Parasols by Lou Hamilton


On my annual pilgrimage to the South of France, I feel a surge of creativity. This year I took my paints with me, and a roll of natural muslin to paint on. Each day I would paint what I remembered from the day before. A sight I love on the beaches is the rows of parasols poking out of the golden sand overlooking the azur sea. My favourite beach has blue and white parasols and I sat at the beach bar with my water-colours painting them. The next morning I got out my acrylics and inks and painted the scene from memory. I don’t want a photograph of what
I saw. It is the essence that I want to capture; the feel of it, the colours, the heat haze. My mind abstracts the scene in translation and I like that. Painting in washes on the muslin allows me to create the quality of watercolour but then I can add thicker paint in the subsequent layers. When the painting is dry I add the tracks of my book character Brave New Girl by sewing her footsteps in the sand as she playfully loops the parasols, making her way along the beach.

The muslin painting can be simply hung on a baton away from the wall to allow the light and the breeze to enhance the floaty work.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Ink & Acrylic on muslin with yarn stitching


71cm x 71cm

Ready to hang




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