Poppies on the Somme by Lou Hamilton


After our holiday we were due to go and film a commercial for a company that takes people to the battlefields of the Somme. I was thinking a lot about it and imagining the cornfields filled with poppies surrounding the cemeteries of white headstones standing to commemorate the men who died in the First World War.

It is one hundred years since the end of that terrible loss of life and I wanted to make something that captured the honour and sacrifice. And so I painted what was in my mind’s eye; the poppies, the cornfield, the headstones, all under an intense blue sky. Painting in washes on muslin, I built up the layers, thickening the inks and acrylic towards the end, for the flowers, sky and headstones.

When it dried I traced Brave New Girl’s footsteps in thread across the landscape, as she sees a memory of every man lost live on in each poppy that grows year after year. It is meant as an image of remembrance and hope as it hangs loosely away from the wall, catching the light and the breeze.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Ink & Acrylic on muslin with yarn stitching


71cm x 71cm

Ready to hang




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