Rain on the terrace by Lou Hamilton


Renting an airbnb in South of France for a couple of weeks I set up my studio by the double doors overlooking the terrace. One night the beautiful weather broke and we had the most terrific storm, with rain pounding down on the terrace and knocking the white chairs every which way.

The next morning I painted the scene from memory, onto one of the half metre squares of gauze I’d brought with me. I’d been doing some small watercolours and wanted to make larger works with the same soft, fluid semi-transparent quality. I don’t particularly like working with acrylic (unless as an undercoat for my oil paintings) as I’m not keen on the thick plastic quality it can sometimes have.

However with these fabric paintings I decided to work with inks and very thin acrylic, in washes first and only on the final layer add thicker strokes if necessary; in this case to bring out the white chairs, raindrops on the terrace and the ominous sky. It dries quickly and in the same day I am able to add my character Brave New Girl and she dances in the rain across the terrace and then off on her next adventure.

I sew her journey across the abstracted scene in large, loose wobbly stitches in silk yarn to represent each of her steps and then embroider the character herself as a sign-off to the piece.

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Ink & Acrylic on muslin with yarn stitching


71cm x 71cm

Ready to hang




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