Rouen, Rose Window IV (diptych) by Philip Maltman


I have a long established love for the work of Monet and reasoned that if Rouen Cathedral had proved  a challenge for Monet then these might be paintings to consider for a new challenge for my own work.

I turned each variation on Monet’s works into a diptych where I could let the cathedral overflow to the left into an uncharted and non-specific abstract space. Occasionally objects and suggestions of other architecture appear on the left and always there is a nod to Monet’s signature and the date ‘94. Words relating to the painting and imaginings relating to Monet’s life in Rouen are also included.
To date there are 41 diptych variations on the series. Most of them are oil on board and 30x42cms in total. There are half a dozen on canvas going up to 75x100cm.

The series also pays tribute to Joachim Pissarro’s book on Monet’s Cathedral series. Pissarro said that it was heart-warming to hear that a living artist was looking at Monet’s Cathedrals

Additional information

Additional information


Original art




Oil on two canvases


100cm x 75cm each

Ready to hang




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