Summer Grazing by Melanie Wright


This small scale watercolour is inspired by many days of painting  out in fields, with groups of horses grazing all around me, during the summer months, while they are turned out to grass. There is an intimacy created in being among them, quietly observing, over a prolonged period. They accept my presence and are occasionally curious and come up  to rootle through my painting bag and nibble at the brim of my hat, looming large over me as i paint. At other times they are away into the distance, becoming very much a part of the landscape.
I love to observe and capture the dynamic of the horses movements and interaction as a group, as they mooch and graze around the paddocks. These paintings represent a peaceful interlude, with the horses off duty , relaxing in the summer sunshine. It is the shapes, relationships and rhythm of movement and composition that fascinate me, as i search for an image that breathes life and energy, while departing from a strictly representational approach and taking the subject into a lyrical and imaginative space.
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Additional information


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Original Watercolour


10cm x 26cm image size, 32.5cm x 47cm including a deep bevelled white mount and plain limed oak frame

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