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Color is calling by Michelle Hold

Color is calling

Since I am a child I love colors and their combinations.

Back then I experimented with different textile color swaps, combined them, stitched them together to make dresses for my dolls.

Later I was lucky to work close to talented fashion designers and learned that every collection has a different ‘MOOD’ and therefore different color combinations. My work as textile designer also helped me to develop a deep understanding of color.

Color is light .

Each color has a different vibration, if you are aware of that fact or not. You might be attracted to that exact color hue in certain moments of your life .

Color is thought to have healing capacities as well and that fact is used in cromo therapy. Also publicity will use colors to attract immediate attention.

For me personally I can only say that I have been attracted to different colors during my life, some remain the same, like all the blues that remind me of the clear sky, the turquoise tones that suggest crystal-clear tropical water with sand foundations and certain deep greens that go into the blue.

Whilst right now I am very much in love with magenta and soft antique pink, because they give me comfort and a feeling of being safe, that has not always been the case. I never dressed my baby girl in baby pink , that was against my color feelings.

For the same reason I cannot look at certain reds that tend to have green hues, or strong greens with yellow hues and shocking orange and yellow.

I love well equilibrated color in my paintings and of corse use the fact that the closeness of two colors which are on the opposite side of the color wheel will bring more life and attention to each of them.

I also love the instant message of color, for example of red. Red is vibrant, full of life like the blood in our veins, passionate and catches immediately the viewers eye.

Color is more important than we think and i could not imagine to live in a colorless world.

Michelle Hold

Michelle Hold

When I create I seem to tap into the real me, into something bigger than my present body, into the endless possibilities of this universe.

And I feel complete.

Painting is my tool to bring beauty and wellbeing to you.

I am passionate about colour, harmony and abstraction.

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