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Are you thinking of advertising your product or service in London’s highest quality Art publication?

The Discerner introduces an innovative concept of exhibition and representation to international emerging contemporary artists, as well as a fantastic way of promotion to established art galleries.

The Discerner is a perfect for any luxury product or service wanted to cover Mayfair and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, if your brand has an artistic touch – such as luxury watches, fashion or classical cars, it may sit very well within audience that we target.

You can always ask for a copy to be send out to you, and we will be delighted to do so immediately. Ask Celine for a copy of the magazine at

You can also view the magazine online here.

By Metro Centric – Berkeley Square, W1, CC BY 2.0,

Magazine distribution Mayfair

We distribute The Discerner to 10,000 residences in Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington on a monthly basis.

We also distribute a large number of magazines (out of the 10,000) in a beautiful attractive and luxurious envelope to ensure a better response.
To make sure the publication gets distributed properly in Mayfair, have our own dedicated delivery team who works very hard to complete the monthly delivery to perfection!

Art exhibitions and events in Mayfair

We also arrange quarterly art events and evenings to enhance the social aspect of the magazine.

We have a list of subscribers who are ardent Art lovers living in Mayfair.

Perfect for Magazine advertising in Mayfair W1

If you want to get your product/service advertised in a luxurious publication in Mayfair, then look no further.
We have special packages available for advertisers looking to advertise on a regular basis.

We cover Mayfair W1 with a luxury publication dedicated to Art lovers and affluent individuals living and working in Mayfair.

Events in boutique shops in Mayfair

We often arrange private art exhibitions in Mayfair in partnership with local boutique shops.

If you want us to host an art event and advertise your Mayfair based boutique shop in our magazine please contact Celine at

For more details on pricing please visit the media pack page.

You can contact us via our contact form below for more details about magazine advertising in Mayfair and West One.

Request a media pack

Request a media pack
We promise a prompt and personal reply within 1-2 working days. Fill out the form below or contact Celine Gaurier-Joubert directly at