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The Discerner Art Magazine October Issue 2018

The October 2018 issue

I am so pleased this month to present a selection of wonderful artists and to give them the opportunity to get discovered by art lovers and collectors throughout the world.

My aim with The Discerner Art Publication and Online Art Gallery is to help these phenomenal artists to get the recognition they deserve and I am proud to have the ability to provide them with such an extraordinary channel.

I like working with a few artists at a time as I believe that it is essential for their works to be seen properly. If you had to browse through hundreds of pages, you would certainly not have time to spend enough time on each painting, and it would be a real shame.

Melanie Wright

I have been working with Melanie Wright, who is doing the cover this month, for a long period of time now and I am always impressed by her art works. She is mainly known for her equine works but she has chosen to use the October issue to introduce some of her landscapes, which are equally excellent.

By reading this edition, you will discover that Melanie had the immense privilege to meet the owner of the 2017 Badminton Horse Trials Winner, Nereo, last summer, thanks to a private art exhibition held by The Discerner at Purdey & Sons in Mayfair, and to be asked to paint its portrait on commission.

Melanie Wright Art Work
Excellent equine artists are rare and I must say that Melanie Wright definitely stands out!

Artworks and Artists

Mona LisaAs I have written earlier, I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful occupation which allows me to discover spectacular art works on a daily basis and to help emerging artists to connect with art lovers and collectors.

I believe that you would agree with the following: It is a real shame to be surrounded by exceptional artists and not knowing their existence. Channels are rare and it is extremely difficult for these talented individuals to build their career. Much more complicated and difficult than one may think!

Art works and artists have been around for centuries but sadly only a few get discovered by the general public. Thanks to the internet and the trend of dematerialisation, I believe that selling art and buying art works is easier than ever and I am delighted to be a part of this generation!

Physical art galleries are sensational but I have spoken to several art lovers who unfortunately do not find the time to visit them as much as they would like. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now easily buy artworks online without having to leave your apartment.

There is another a fantastic advantage about browsing work online: You can see the work that you think would fit perfectly in your living room on your computer screen and make a decision straight away. As I said, buying artworks has never been so easy and convenient!

It is also sensational for the artists who can be discovered by art collectors who live on the other side of the world, while local galleries are only visited by the residents of a specific city.

I don’t believe that many art lovers who live in London would travel all the way to Los Angeles to visit a gallery, but they can however see the works of American artists without having to live the UK. Is it not extraordinary?

A large variety of artists

Allow it happening Michelle HoldIf you turn the pages of The Discerner Art Publication this month, you will see that I like presenting a large variety of artists and art works. I like doing it that way as we all have different tastes and we are not all interested in the same art style. Even if I mainly show abstract works with Barbara Krupp, Caia Matheson, Michelle Hold and Stephen Schubert, I was interested in showing two equine artists, Melanie Wright and Sue Malkin as well as two expressionism works by Michael Batey, some figurative art works by John Lendis, four drawings by Emma Davis, two landscapes by Sarah Jane Brown, four by Melanie Wright and even a copy artwork by David Henty.

All of them live in various parts of the world and I think that it is phenomenal to have them all together in the same art publication!

I have also included an extremely interested article about The Art of Investing written by my friend Tim Short who is both a fantastic psychologist and trader.

You might think that investing is not related to contemporary art but it actually is! Art is present in every field and I believe that it is fascinating to show their similarities.

The StudioIt is truly captivating to realise that these wonderful artists all start with a blank canvas and an idea in mind but their different personalities produce such different art works! They could be compared to composers who all use the same music notes but arrange them in such a particular manner that their pieces sound totally different!

Some of you might like Mozart, while others prefer modern composers such as Arnold Schonberg. It is why I think that variety is important for each art lover to find a piece that suits his or her tastes.

I have also asked the artists who are showing in our October issue to provide me with their biography, photograph and statement of their works as I believe that it is interesting if not exceptional to know who is the person behind your favourite art work.

The Online Art Store

On top of reading The Discerner Art Publication, I invite you to visit our online art gallery, which is linked to the magazine thanks to the small trolleys that support each work.

My idea was to make the life of art lovers and collectors as easy as possible and I hope that it is the case!

By clicking on the name of an artist whom you appreciate on our online art gallery, you can also browse through his/her collection and discover others of his/her works presented in past issues.

Buying Artworks

I have often spoken to several of our readers who are worried when it comes to buying artworks as they think that they need to have a special knowledge to do so.

Well, I believe that knowledge does not matter if you like a particular painting. Loving it is the most important as you will be the person who will see this piece daily. Buying artworks recommended by designers or gallerists could be a good idea, but it is always better to make the decision yourself.

I was talking with the artist Michelle Hold recently and we were discussing the impact that a certain painting and colours could have on your mood. It is 100% true. An artwork is not only hung to decorate your residence but it changes the atmosphere of a room entirely.

I have experienced it myself several times at The Discerner Residence in Mayfair, London. We used to host private art exhibitions on a monthly basis with different artists each time and the all atmosphere of the rooms were instantly transformed. It was extraordinary!

Once again, it could be compared to music. Listening to a Chopin nocturne would certainly be extremely relaxing while listening to Eminem would put you in a much more aggressive state.

The art world is simply fascinating and once again, I am delighted to be able to share my passion with you and make wonderful emerging contemporary artists known to thousands of art lovers and collectors!

If you like the works of a particular artist, I would greatly encourage you to visit their website and contact them directly if you are interested in buying their artworks. They are all extremely friendly people and they would certainly be delighted to talk to you.

In the event that you would not necessarily be in the position to purchase their works, you can also email to congratulate them. People are often shy when it comes to complimenting an artist, but as a pianist myself I can assure you that it is wonderful to hear positive comments from the audience.

So do not hesitate! It will make their day!

Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Celine Gaurier-Joubert – Editor and Founder of The Discerner

Fascinated by contemporary art but always disappointed by the options offered to the public to discover new artists and art galleries, Celine decided to create a unique platform that allows the most talented artists to get connected to their potential clients thanks to a luxury publication, an online gallery and a private circle of art lovers and collectors.

Celine is a visionary and the founder of  The London Piano Institute, and this incredible work reflects her personality.

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