The Discerner Autumn Soiree 2017
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The Discerner Autumn Soiree 2017

The Discerner’s Autumn Soiree at Stefano Ricci’s flagship in Mount Street, Mayfair was simply extraordinary.

After the huge success of our summer soiree at Purdey and Sons in June 2017, The Discerner was invited by Enrico Vedda to hold our autumn soiree in his sumptuous store.

What a wonderful collaboration!

Showing exceptional artworks in such a gorgeous surrounding was an amazing experience that will surely be repeated.

As per usual, we have combined both classical music & contemporary artwork for the delight of our discerning guests.

It always makes our soirees very unique and charming.

On this occasion, we have presented some terrific emerging artists who all had the opportunity to give a speech about their works.

We have had the immense privilege to present various wonderful artworks such as “Fox Pass Two” by John Lendis, “Romney Marsh” by Victoria Kiff, “Way beyond the edge” by Barry Andrews, “Downhill Chase” by Melanie Wright, “Untangling The Chains” by Michelle Hold, “The Rage” by Daniel Hooper, “Out on a Limb” by Sarah Jane Brown, “Morning Expresso” by Lou Hamilton, “Owl” by Louise Tate, “Derby Day 1915” by Dameon Priestly, “Phoenix” by Amy Olds, “Moto Perpetuo After Ernst Haeckel” by Gayle Storey and “Dora Maar Blue Robe” by David Henty.

Ljubica performing at the Discerner's Autumn Soiree 2017

Accompanied by some wonderful piano performances including Beethoven Sonata Op. 10 no 3 by Ljubica Stojanovic, and a delicious champagne selected by Enrico Vedda, our guests could enjoy all the stunning works exhibited among the superb items in display in the store.

Nicolas Messiaen, former manager of The Dorchester Hotel could not find the right words to express how much he was enjoying the evening!

We cannot thank Enrico Vedda enough for inviting us. You have been a wonderful host!

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