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The Discerner Spring Soiree 2017

Held at The Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair, London on the 6th of April 2017, The Discerner Spring Soiree has been a wonderful art event.

Attended by a large amount of art collectors, enthusiasts and the artists who featured in our March issue, this exclusive soiree will surely not be forgotten.

Our guests have had the rare privilege to listen to some beautiful classical piano performances while admiring the exceptional artworks in exhibition.

The evening opened with a piano recital offered by a selection of brilliant pianists that included the nocturne opus 48 No 1 by Frederic Chopin, Klavierstuck No 1 by Arnold Schoenberg and the concerto for the left hand by Maurice Ravel.

We were pleased to welcome Alexander Mihaylovich who flew from Los Angeles to present his well-known work called “Mirror”, George Antoni was showing “Excavations 431”, John Link chose “Isabella” (the female protagonist in measure for measure), Lou Hamilton was exhibiting “Horizon”, Gina Parr showed “Place”, Sarah Jane Brown presented “Out on a limb”, Jane Emberson chose “Amphitrite”, Lara Julian made her debut with one of her extraordinary abstracts, Lorraine Christie also came from the USA and intrigued us with her beautiful “Champagne Dessert”, and Andy Davey astonished our guests with “Triangle”.


Guest admiring a lovely art work at the Discerner Soiree

It was fantastic to spend such an exquisite evening with so many talented artists and art lovers who all made valuable connections.

At The Discerner, we believe that it is essential for artists and collectors to meet on a regular basis, as art enthusiasts enjoy conversing with the artist they appreciate most and the latter can be given the opportunity to explain his or her works in further details.

Thank you to all our guests and artists for their extremely appreciated participation in our spring soiree 2017!

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