The Discerner Summer Soiree 2018
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The Discerner Summer Soiree 2018 with Michelle Hold

The Discerner Summer Soiree 2018 has been a beautiful evening spent in the world of Michelle Hold.

Michelle is an exceptional German-born artist based in Italy who paints vibrant abstract works inspired by emotion and energy.

She has joined The Discerner in April 2016 and has since exhibited several gorgeous works both in our art magazine and at The Discerner’s Residence in Mayfair.

Her work is based on capturing the essence of feelings, emotions and the invisible, eternal energy that pervades in the universe, focusing on beauty and it’s scarcity in current time.

Like an architect she loves to construct the images with multiple layering, but at the same time leaving space for surprise, for something unexpected to happen, where her dance like gestures encounter the vibrations of colour.

After enjoying an exclusive piano recital offered by James Knight, Daan Posthuma and Christian Joannes who respectively performed Franz Liszt’s 3rd nocturne, a Bach’s fugue and the 1st movement of Brahms’s piano concerto, our discerning guests were offered a speech by Michelle who gave her further information about each work on exhibition.

Her description of each work was simply captivating.

“Searching for lost knowledge” is based on her feeling that some really important knowledge has been lost from our human past.

For “Enjoy the moment as it is”, she quoted Esther Hicks: “There is a Life Stream that flows to you and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance and in any moment, you are allowing it or not.”

About “Embrace the opportunity”, she said: “For many of us ‘Change’ comes unexpected even though change is the only thing we can be sure will happen. Change brings challenges and new ideas and perceptions will follow. I believe that if we are able to learn not to oppose change but to welcome the inevitable life will be much easier and enjoyable.”

“Feel the energy” is about the energy found in humans and the universe. When meeting new people, Michelle tries to concentrate on their energy by asking herself various questions. Does she feel attracted? Does their energy block her or does it multiply while talking to them? Do new ideas just pop up when she comes in contact with their energy? The red colour in this painting was essential as red is a symbol for life, vital energy like the blood that runs through our veins.

She has painted “Believe in Magic” as she trusts in magic. She is open to change and allow dreams turn into reality. She believes that if you are able to hold back your fears and just enjoy moment after moment, magical things will show up, specially what we call ‘little things’ like a beautiful sunset, meeting an interesting person or experiencing a beautiful emotion.

“Untangling the chains” is a vibrant painting that talks about a very strong emotion she has lived through. She has always questioned the idea that we have to do certain things and show specific behaviour in society. In her opinion, specially women have been pressed into a role that serves society, have a family, take care of them and forget about their own desires and ambitions.

With “Change”, Michelle expresses the inevitable changes that our part of our life. For her, change has bright colours, new colours, primary colours, because it is the beginning of a joyful path to the happiness we all desire.

The painting called “Reemerge” talks about the wonder of nature. A big influence for many of her paintings is her garden, which she calls little ‘Giverny’. It is full of wild flowers and different colours at every time of the season. After the bareness and soft colours that winter brings, spring is an explosion, very much like Rachmaninov’s 2nd concerto for piano. Nature is reemerging, colours are vibrant, spring starts with yellow daffodils, red tulips, violet iris, orange coloured wild orchids. It seems like a musical composition. You can hear the trumpets calling: here I am, look at me!


Beautiful little works of art by Michelle Hold

It was truly fantastic to hear Michelle talking about her works in so much details. It made us understand it so much better that we now enjoy looking at them with different eyes.

Thank you so much Michelle for your presentation. It was absolutely captivating!




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